Scott Smiley, Jr., founder of Smiley Law Group, was a guest host on This Week in Law’s December 16, 2008 Podcast, “Getting In Trouble on the Internets.” Scott was invited to speak about the firm’s recent federal suit against the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (SmileyLaw.Com) December 16, 2008 — Scott Smiley was a guest host on the 19th episode of the This Week in Law podcast. The podcast title, “Getting in Trouble on the Internets” discusses Obama’s BlackBerry issues, blogging vs. advertising, the MySpace suicide case, and more.

Scott was invited to speak about Smiley Law Group’s federal suit against the Louisiana State Bar Association, challenging the new lawyer advertising rules as unconstitutional. Read more about this suit at

This Week in Law (“TWiL”) is hosted by Denise Howell, and her TWiL panel, and covers issues dealing with technology, which include court cases, tech useed by legal advisers, patents, copyrights and more.

You can listen to the podcast, and subscribe to TWiL at:

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Seth Smiley
Seth is an attorney licensed to practice in Louisiana and California. He is the owner and lead attorney at Smiley Law Firm. To speak with Seth fill out the form on this page.
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