twitter_icon1Twitter mash-up, 22Tweets, hosted WLG founding attorney, Scott Smiley, Jr., as it’s featured interviewee on Tuesday, April 28.

According to their homepage 22Tweets is:

1) real-time Twitter interviews with practicing lawyers who tweet

2) a forum where lawyers tell their stories, one tweet at a time

3) the hottest new mash-up on Twitter

Missed it? you can check out a transcript of the interview here. Want to connect with WLG on Twitter? You can find Scott at @scottwolfejr, Doug at @DouglasReiser, Seth at @sethsmiley and Emily at @emwolfe.

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Seth Smiley
Seth is an attorney licensed to practice in Louisiana and California. He is the owner and lead attorney at Smiley Law Firm. To speak with Seth fill out the form on this page.
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