Another year is crossed off the calendar, and Smiley Law Group clients can again rest easy knowing that their legal fees won’t increase. On January 1, 2010, our firm celebrated its 5th year of not raising its billing rates.

Folks, we’ve never raised our billing rates on a client.

Think we’re going out of our way to brag about this? Think again. It’s almost a tradition in the legal profession for firms to annually raise rates on their clients.

Even the turbulent economic client isn’t enough to stop firms from raising rates. Reports and surveys are abound certifying that firms are raising rates on clients in 2010. Take a look:

We’ve said it a thousand times: Smiley Law Group is different. Is your company ready for an attorney/client relationship that appreciates you? That’s focused on results? That understands the bottom line?

Happy New Year to our clients. And don’t worry – at Smiley Law Group, we’re sticking to our original agreement with you.

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Scott Wolfe
Scott Wolfe, Jr. obtained his J.D. degree from Loyola University of New Orleans, and his B.A. from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. In 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, Scott was recognized as a Leader in Law by CityBusiness Magazine. The son and grandson of general contractors, Scott is a construction litigator in the Pacific Northwest, and the founding member of the bi-coastal law firm, Wolfe Law Group. Scott is also the founder and CEO of Express Lien, Inc., a legal document preparation service for contractors. In 2008, City Business Magazine recognized Scott as one of its Innovators of the Year for the Express Lien concept. As an entrepreneur himself, Scott has a strong background in business and commercial transactions and laws. He focuses his practice on the legal issues facing the construction industry, and has represented clients in multi-million dollar construction disputes in litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Scott is a LEED AP.
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