Smiley Law Group understands the dread that comes with paying your invoice for legal fees. That is exactly why WLG aims to provide clients with an organized, transparent look into what and how much they are being charged.

In an attempt to provide straight forward explanations, WLG’s fee agreement and billing structure are designed with clients in mind. When hiring WLG, clients have two payment options. The first option is paying by credit card. When providing WLG with valid credit card information, a retainer is not required. Your credit card is charged at the end of the billing cycle for the expenses that were accrued during that period.

What is a retainer? That brings us to the second option. When paying by check or cash (basically anything other than credit card), the client is required to maintain a minimum positive balance, as the retainer. The retainer is deducted from every billing cycle to pay outstanding invoices.

Contained in WLG’s fee agreement is a paragraph regarding administrative costs. Administrative charges are not itemized but charged as 3% of your total invoice. Instead of tracking every dollar spent on administrative tasks, such as how much paper was used, a flat rate is applied. This saves WLG time and subsequently, our clients money. The 3% administration charge is addressed in all clients’ fee agreements and covers costs associated with, but not limited to copying, faxing, mailing and long distance phone calls.

WLG bills on a three week cycle. Time sheets are included with every invoice, separated case by case. This way, our clients can view exactly what work was done on their case, on what date and for how long. Our employees take detailed notes upon completion of the individual tasks which keep the staff and more importantly, our clients “in the loop.”

Employees are always available to answer inquiries and address concerns related to invoicing. WLG employees all have access to clients’ past invoices, time sheets and dated letters. Access to this information ensures that questions will be answered in a timely fashion. When you call WLG (during business hours of course) someone is always there to help!

For more questions about WLG’s services, billing structure, fee agreement or general inquiries, email

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