images3-125x125Smiley Law Group is not your average law firm, among other things, we are smaller in overall size. However in light of the on-going corporate failures and bailouts, our size is turning out to be an advantage for our company’s success and for our clients.

Lets begin from within, Smiley Law Group’s company culture is based off of the small size of the firm. All of the employees at Smiley Law Group are in constant communication with each other and work very close together. This sense of team work and cohesiveness translates to the employees’ personal lives.

Smiley Law Group was featured in the New Orleans City Business Magazine, as one of the Best Places to Work in 2008. Douglas Reiser, one of Smiley Law Group’s attorneys, spoke about the employees’ relationship with one another in the article.

“We’re close, and we’re able to work and play together. If anyone in the firm gets married, every single person at the firm will be at the wedding. And that’s even if it is a small wedding.”

Trusting the people you work with increases a firm’s overall efficiency as responsibilities are delegated without hesitation. Staff members and attorneys are fully aware of the strengths of the individual’s working at Smiley Law Group and delegate tasks accordingly in order to produce excellent work in an efficient amount of time.

Every employee at Smiley Law Group is familiar with clients and client cases. Of course, the level of familiarity depends on the employee, however, open lines of communication aim to keep everyone “in the loop.” Familiarity and a cohesive knowledge base contributes to our firm’s accessibility to clients and colleagues.

Now moving on to a more obvious advantage- the fewer people a company has to pay, the lower overhead costs a company will have which makes the cost of service cheaper to clients. Smiley Law Group can do more for less!

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