Business questionWho should I contact about an initial consultation?

Our team is trained to handle any number of calls in order to get a consultation scheduled.  Simply call the main line, 504-894-9653 for New Orleans and ask for an initial consultation. Our staff will work out the details. You may also submit an initial consultation request via email to

Are initial consultations free?
Smiley Law Firm charges a flat fee of $300, that can be mitigated if you join up with one of our subscription programs. In certain situations, a phone consultation may be performed free of charge.

Who will I be meeting with?
Your initial meeting with be with one of our new account managers or intake specialists. From there when you decide which services you would like to purchase, we will put you in touch with a Smiley Law Firm attorney.

Should I bring documentation?
You don’t need to bring documentation to your initial consultation. However, if it is easily accessible to you – or you feel it helps to clarify your situation – then bring it along. The more information we have the better we can analyze your case.

How long are the consultations?
Consultations generally last 45 minutes to one hour.

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