Take a look around, most law offices are located in the heart of a city’s downtown in large skyscrapers. Generally speaking, finding parking is nearly impossible and simply finding the office location can be daunting.

Smiley Law Group, with offices in New Orleans, LA and Seattle, WA are located in neighborhoods just outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown, which makes traffic, parking and finding our office less stressful.

WLG New Orleans is located uptown on Prytania Street within walking distance from great restaurants, the street car on St. Charles Avenue and Audubon Park. Aside from being in a great location, the office has ample parking outside. The office space once upon a time was a private residence. The charm of New Orleans is embraced by the office’s exterior and interior, making clients and colleagues feel as though they are right at home.

WLG Seattle is located in an area approximately 2 miles South of Downtown, know to locals as SoDo. SoDo is an industrial area with many construction related businesses. Now, SoDo has more to offer than meets the eye. Within one mile of WLG, you will find Starbucks’ headquarters and both the baseball and football stadiums, home to the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks. The majority of law firms in Seattle are located downtown in large corporate buildings. WLG’s location is convenient, intimate and accessible and gives client’s the option to “drive right up and come on in!”

WLG’s locations reinforce the firm’s dedication to being accessible to our clients. Choosing both locations with our clients’ needs in mind, sets WLG apart from many other law firms.

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