The expense of coffee within a law office is almost an afterthought, but Smiley Law Group is happy to announce that it has found a creative way to give back to its communities by simply doing what it does throughout the day: drink coffee.

Smiley Law Group’s offices in Louisiana and Washington now purchase all coffee from the Pacific Northwest Company, Specialty Roast. For every 1 pound of coffee purchased, $2.00 is donated to a non-profit organization of your choice.

A company like Smiley Law Group, who consumes approximately 300-400 pounds of coffee each year, will donate more than $600-800 to its cause using money that’s already in the budget.

In Louisiana, Smiley Law Group’s donations are going to the Louisiana SPCA. In Washington, donations go to the King County SPCA.

“This is really a no-brainer,” says Scott Smiley, founding partner of Smiley Law Group. “As soon as I heard about Specialty Roast’s business model, I knew that we had to involve it. We spend money on coffee regardless of where its purchased. The Specialty Roast coffee tastes great, its delivered to our door steps and its donating part of the price to charity.”

The choice of the SPCA non-profit is in part thanks to Smiley Law Group’s office french bulldog, Oscar. In fact, every bag of coffee delivered from Specialty Roast has an image of Oscar on its label. To increase the amount of coffee purchased each year, the firm also plans on ordering large quantities of coffee to distribute to colleagues and clients.

“Everyone drinks coffee, and would appreciate the gift” says Emily Bull, public relations manager at the firm. “Plus, it will introduce that person to Specialty Roast, who may in turn set up an account and start contributing to another non-profit with money already built into their budget.”

Oscar, a French Bulldog, is an office pet for Smiley Law Group. He travels from New Orleans to Seattle spending time in both offices, and is a friend to vendors and clients.

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