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In today’s busy business world, there are numerous reasons you may want to hire an attorney to write a letter for you. Perhaps you need help negotiating a debt you owe; a letter from an attorney to the debt collector may be taken more seriously and may result in a better settlement of the debt. Conversely, if someone owes you money, a demand letter from an attorney could be enough to get them to pay up. Also, if you are entering into a contract, an attorney should be consulted for review of the contract, but they can also help you draft the contract. Below are some key points about some types of letters an attorney can write for you.

Demand Letters

Often a demand letter can effectively explain a dispute and help both parties avoid costly litigation. Ademand letter should have a summary of the dispute, background information and facts describing what led up to the dispute, a claim for damages or money owed, and a clear demand that can be reasonably met by the other party. Although anyone can send a demand letter, many legal professionals will write alegal demand letter for a flat fee. A demand letter is typically taken more seriously when it is written on law firm letterhead, indicating that you went to the trouble of hiring a lawyer who is trained and skilled at fighting on behalf of their clients.

Settlement Negotiations

Most settlement letters involve debt owed to a major credit card company or other financial institution. Although you can negotiate with these financial giants on your own, you should consider hiring a heavy hitter to help you win your fight against debt. It may seem counterintuitive to spend money on an attorney when you are in debt, however, hiring the right attorney for minimal settlement negotiations can achieve large benefits in the long run. As stated before, a letter from a law firm to a financial institution will be taken more seriously, especially with large corporations.

Contract Drafting

Most contracts you encounter daily won’t affect your legal rights in a substantial way, but some contracts are more important and should be read and reviewed before hurriedly signing on the dotted line. Moreover, if your attorney is reviewing the contract already, he or she can also help you draft a version that achieves all of your goals.

If you have an important contract to draft or sign, you may want a legal contract review before signing. A legal contract review typically involves consulting with an attorney who then thoroughly drafts and/or reviews all of the contract(s) for a given matter, and then has a meaningful discussion with you at the end regarding their findings.

When it comes to important flat fee legal demand letters, settlement negotiations or contract drafting and review, contact the experienced contract attorneys at Smiley Law.

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