Get Custom Documents For A Flat Fee

Are you frustrated with the inaccessibility of legal counsel and the high cost of retainers and hourly fees? Get custom legal documents prepared by the Smiley Law Group for a flat fee! Long the staple of the legal industry, the hourly fee stifles creativity and efficiency, and can become quite expensive to companies like yours.

You can hire Smiley Law Firm to perform specific legal tasks for your company at an affordable flat rate.

Why Flat Fees?

Every business needs legal assistance of some substance, but it’s no secret that legal fees have gotten out of hand. If your business simply needs a lien filed, a contract reviewed or a legal opinion, it doesn’t make sense to contact an attorney, negotiate a rate, pay a retainer and then hope the billable hours don’t pile too high.

It doesn’t make financial sense for your business. As a result, like so many other business, you go online and spend hours trying to piece together the legal help you need without an attorney. The high cost of not hiring an attorney may bite you later, but you just can’t afford to do it any other way.

Smiley Law Firmunderstands the needs of small and medium sized businesses, and that’s why we perform a number of legal tasks for affordable flat rates. You pay one low, published flat fee, and we’ll give you the legal advice or the legal document you need.

Advantages of Flat Fees v. Traditional Fees:

  • You Know The Entire Cost of Service Up Front
  • Get Only What Your Company Needs
  • Fees Are All Inclusive – No Extras
  • Don’t Pay For Staff, Research Costs, Copies, Calls, Etc.
  • Fast Turn Around

Advantages of Flat Fees v. Doing It Yourself or Other Services:

  • Get Legal Advice From An Attorney
  • Produced Documents Are Custom Tailored For You
  • Difference In Cost Is Minimal
  • Use The Documents Prepared Over and Over Again

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