Contract Drafting in New Orleans

Your business is unique. It needs a unique contract.

Too frequently, a client comes to our team of attorneys with expensive and complex litigation that could have been prevented with some simple contract work on the front end. A specialized New Orleans contract drafting attorney knows that to prevent disputes, contracts should be written without ambiguities. To encourage timely payments, contracts should have provisions that charge penalties, interest and attorney fees for non-payment. In the event of a New Orleans construction contract dispute, a contract can save thousands by setting forth specific and fair alternative dispute resolution processes.

A good construction contract can save your company headaches and thousands in future legal fees by preventing disputes and preserving legal tools and rights in the event of a dispute. Since every business is different, a custom contract is a must.

Seth J. Smiley

Contract Types

Smiley Law Firm has prepared hundreds of custom construction contracts for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers and equipment rental companies, including the following types of contracts:

  • Prime contracts with property owners
  • Vendor contracts for subcontractors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Applications
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Promissory Notes
  • Indemnity Agreements
  • Leases
  • And More…
Contract Drafting in New Orleans | Smiley Law Firm

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find easy instructions on how to order a contract catered specifically to your unique needs.

Get Your Contract from Smiley Law

  • Complete and submit the form.
  • An Attorney from Smiley Law will review your information and call you to discuss your specific contract needs.
  • The Attorney will draft your contract accordingly.
  • Upon payment, your document will be sent to you via email in .doc form so that you may edit it and use it repeatedly.


Despite everyone’s best efforts to make things work well, disputes in the construction industry are all too common. Disputes come in every variety and at one time or another, they effect every party to the construction project. Disputes usually consume a lot of time and money, and result in frustrating delays to the project.

When a dispute arises, the parties typically turn to the contract documents for guidence on a possible resolution.

Clear, well-drafted contracts properly guide the parties about each’s obligations, which means less time and money spent arguing over who was supposed to do what.

Plus, a construction contract can include alternative dispute resolution provisions to keep the parties out of court (expensive) and in alternative dispute resolution processes (less expensive).

When companies have cash flow problems, they prioritize their accounts payable. This simply means they decide who gets paid first, and who is put on the waiting list. For the companies who are owed money, its important to understand this mentality, and to make its debt the first in line for payment. But how? The answer is in the contract. Good contracts make it painful for companies to push off its debt.

Contract provisions that impose penalties, charge interest, provide for the recovery of attorney fees and collection costs, make it difficult for a non-paying customer to ignore the debt.

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