Proceeding to Remove Mechanic’s Lien

Anyone can file a mechanic’s lien by filling out a form and delivering it to the clerk of court’s office. The clerk of court employees who process liens are required to record all liens presented to them, without making any decision about whether the lien is valid, or whether the construction work was done properly. In fact, someone could theoretically file a mechanic’s lien against your property without having any connection to it whatsoever.

In recognition of this problem, each state has a procedure for property owners, prime contractors, lenders or other interested parties to challenge the validity of a mechanic’s lien. If an improper lien is filed, the law provides a way to have it removed from the public records.

Lien laws are technical and complex, and there are a number of reasons why a mechanic’s lien may be invalid. In fact, a large percentage of liens contain at least one error that could invalidate the entire instrument. If you think a lien filed against your property or project is illegal or invalid, you have rights to dispute that lien. You should first send a notice to the party who filed the lien demanding that it be removed, and if that fails, you then must file suit to force the lien’s removal.

In Louisiana, the proceeding to challenge a lien is designed to be simple and fast. Unlike a normal litigation situation, which could last for years before a trial date is set, lien dispute proceedings are typically tried within 20-45 days. This is great news for the property owner or contractor who believes an invalid lien has been filed against him, since he won’t have to wait long for his day in court.

But, just because the proceeding is generally fast, that does not mean it is easy. A suit to remove a lien still requires you to put on evidence of your position, make legal arguments, file documents with the court, and convince the Judge that the lien is, in fact, invalid. In addition, you will often face a vigorous opposition, as the party who filed the lien is fighting to keep its lien in the public record.

Smiley Law Firm can represent you in these lien challenge proceedings for a reasonable flat fee. The fee includes litigating your lien challenge from start to finish – including advice to you along the way, filing the petition, filing any necessary memoranda, and appearing in court on your behalf to argue the case.

Order: Remove a Mechanic's Lien

  1. Complete and submit the form.
  2. An Attorney from Smiley Law will call you to get the necessary information to challenge your Mechanic’s Lien.
  3. A bill will be sent to you via your email address.
  4. Upon payment, the Attorney will act on your behalf to remove the Mechanic’s Lien (for specific details on what the fee includes, see the FAQ section below).


What does the fee include?

  • Telephone Consultation with Attorney
  • Review of Improper Mechanic Lien
  • Letter Demanding Removal of Lien
  • Drafting and Filing a Lawsuit Complaint
  • Serving Lawsuit Complaint
  • All Filing and Service Fees
  • Appearing at Hearing for Lien Removal Proceeding
  • All Memorandums and Briefs

If I submit the form, does that mean I owe money?

No. A Smiley Law Attorney will review your case and contact you to make sure there is no conflict of interest in representing you and that the firm has all of the information needed to effectively represent you and remove the lien. Payment will be discussed during that phone call.

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