Going green isn’t only good for the environment. It can be great for your wallet too! In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is important to keep in mind that homes built with sustainable, energy-efficient materials are often less vulnerable to weather and adverse natural conditions, including wind, hail and storms. Going green has become increasingly popular in the construction industry. In fact, thousands of companies and institutional organizations are now investing in the construction and renovation of new “green” and high-performance homes.

Here are some “sustainable” building tips to help you go green and save cash:

Go Green Right Away

One of the most cost-effective ways to go green, is to start green. Transitioning into a green development once you already began on your project can prove to be costly and inefficient. Try to invest in green building from the start.

Get Together

Get as many of the project participants involved as quickly as possible. Meaning, get your owner, architect, general and subcontractors on the same page. Everyone should agree to uphold some green requirements and to meet some cost-efficient goals.

Harness the Sun

Daylight is one of the best ways to help keep costs low.Add more windows and make sure to invest in proper building orientation to help develop a strong daylight saving strategy.

Anticipate Delays

Going green can mean going slower. Plan for this and make sure your schedule allows for some hang-ups.

Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies may offer lower premiums for homes that comply with the LEED v2009 requirement of 20% water savings. Updating these systems in your home can not only save you in future water damage and mold claims, but also in insurance premiums.

Smart Contracting

Performance-based contracts are a great way to help ensure your energy targets are met. The right incentives can help get performance goals met quickly and efficiently. Here at Smiley Law we help clients construct the construction contacts they need to help build effectively and save funds.

We often help our clients build sustainably and efficiently. Contact us today for all your green needs.

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