Four years ago, Scott Smiley started Smiley Law Group in Hurricane ravished New Orleans, LA, with a laptop and proximity to a local coffee shop. Since then, our firm has grown to a bi-coastal practice and represents contractors, suppliers, engineers and property owners in hundreds of claims.

New Orleans City Business magazine recently published an article titled “On their own,” providing advice to attorneys in the metro area who may be considering a solo practice. “With law firms throughout the country shedding staff,” the article by Christian Moises begins, “some attorneys are starting their own firms — either by choice or out of necessity.”

Smiley Law Group’s Scott Smiley was interviewed for the article, wherein he shed some light on the perils and triumphs of “going solo” and running a law firm.

Read the article on City Business’ website by clicking here.

This isn’t the first time Scott has been called upon to offer advice to those venturing on their own. Carolyn Elefant interviewed Scott and spotlighted him in her recently published book, Solo By Choice. Scott has also spoken to Loyola Law Students about venturing out on one’s own.

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