How Much Does It Cost To Have An Attorney Write A Letter?

Many attorneys will write a letter for you covering a multitude of topics. Usually, here at the Smiley Law Firm, the fee is set as a flat fee and only covers the cost of that letter. Other law firms may charge hourly to draft and send your letter. So how much should it really cost to send a letter from a lawyer?

In my opinion, flat fees are the best way to handle initial letter drafting. Most clients like to know how much they will spend to cover a demand letter, legal opinion letter, advanced attorney letter or any other type of letter that a law firm may draft.

When deciding whether to spend the money to hire an attorney for your letter writing, knowing exactly what must go into a legal letter will help you make the right decision.

Here are the steps for writing your own legal letter:

  • Summary. The first section explains who is writing the letter and why they are writing and may include a quick summary of injuries or damages. This section can be short but it can also be long and detailed depending on the facts. Be sure to let your lawyer know if you prefer more short and to the point or a long and detailed letter.
  • Background Information. This section should explain the relationship between the disputing parties. A brief background for some context is always helpful for all parties to know the reasoning behind the dispute. Further, there may be a need for a chronological or historical account of background.
  • Facts. This is the who, what, where, when, and why. Make sure to include as many facts and details as possible in this section so that all parties fully understand the dispute. The facts, mixed with the law are where the demand really starts to take shape. Only relevant facts are needed for this section and most good writers will tell you that less is more.
  • Claim for Damages. This section should outline the injuries or damages incurred because of the incident. This could also be the amount that you were harmed as a result of the actions of another person or company. This could also include attorney fees, costs or other damage associated with the claim.
  • Demand. The last and arguably most important section should explain what action you are demanding from the other party. You should also include a deadline (typically 2-3 weeks) for a response so that if there is no response, you can move to the next legal step available. The deadline is key here and you don’t want to say “two weeks” you would rather put in the exact date (May 1st) so there is no ambiguity.


Mail – The Way To Get Your Letter Delivered

Send the letter by certified mail so that you retain a receipt showing the other party actually received the letter. There are options to send the letter by certified mail, certified mail return receipt requested or registered mail. This receipt can be used as evidence in court if the other party claims they never received your demand letter. Trust me, this happens all the time. Somehow the other party never seems to claim receipt of a lawyer letter.

Usually, the law likes the United States Parcel Service or USPS, our regular mail. The delivery methods used by USPS are typically written into the law statutes so you are usually safe to use your regular mailman or post office.

Each of the types of mail has their own specific requirements and they have heightened duties to the mailman and the receipting. For example, someone needs to be present to sign for the certified mail return receipt because the green card must be signed and mailed back to the sender.

Registered mail is the most expensive and is similar to UPS or FedEx for sending packages. The mail is tracked the entire way and requires signatures when delivered.

Make and keep several copies of the letter for yourself, and for use in any future court appearances. With some luck, you will not end up in front of a judge, but if that happens, you will be prepared.


Finally, although anyone can send a demand letter, many legal professionals will write a Legal Demand Letter for a flat fee. A demand letter is typically taken more seriously when it is written on law firm letterhead, indicating that you went to the trouble of hiring a lawyer who is trained and skilled at fighting on behalf of their clients.

Plus, lawyers write numerous letters every day. An average attorney might write five letters per day, which could include advice letters, cover letters, demand letters, reply letters, etc. To break that down, if an attorney wrote an average of five letters each day, five days a week, for fifty weeks, he or she will have written nearly 1,250 letters in a one-year period. That’s a lot of helpful experience when sending any type of attorney letter.

I joke when people ask me what lawyers do all day, I say we just read and write all day long. This is partly true, so attorneys are very good at writing letters of all types. This is also why the price tag is hefty because we are good at letter writing. When a person or company receives a lawyer letter they know the client of that lawyer is serious.

If you’re sitting on an important letter to be written, contact the experienced attorneys at Smiley Law Firm today by clicking the link below, you will be glad you did. There is no obligation and you will get some great information. 


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