Licensing requirements and compliance should be a top priority for anyone working in the construction industry. Without the proper licenses in place you open yourself and your company up to a host of liability and other issues that can destroy your business.

Who is in Charge of Construction Licenses in Louisiana?

The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (“LSLBC”) handles all licensing and compliance issues for the construction industry in the state. The LSLBC is a government entity that mainly seeks to safeguard the construction profession. The LSLBC may call for a “hearing” to review any issues that may come up, but it is not really a judicial entity or court. It is an agency of the state that has the power to regulate aspects of the construction industry in Louisiana, and punish those who violate certain statutes, particularly with regard to licensing requirements.

Who Are the People Behind the LSLBC?

The LSLBC consists of citizens appointed by the governor to sit on the Board for terms that can last up to six years. Typically, these people have experience working in the construction industry, and know what challenges you face in your day-to-day work. Essentially, you are governed by a group of colleagues, rather than unrelated parties.

When does the LSLBC Have Power Over Me?

If you have done construction work in Louisiana, then the LSLBC has jurisdiction over your company. Louisiana enacted specific legislation granting the LSLBC such jurisdiction. Any person or company that performs construction work in Louisiana is subject to these provisions, regardless of what state they are from. Any person or company that performs work in this state that is not licensed may be subject to punishment by the LSLBC. I constantly get calls from out-of-state contractors regarding licensing requirements, after it is too late to help.

When Should I Get Licensed?

It is critical that contractors (especially out-of-state contractors) get licensed or certified before beginning work in Louisiana. Don’t find yourself in the perilous position of trying to receive proper certification during, or even after the completion of, a construction contract. You should regularly confirm that all of your >licenses and registrations are current, relevant and secured.

What Should I do if I Need to Go For a LSLBC Hearing?

If you received a letter demanding your appearance before the LSLBC, we highly recommend contacting an attorney immediately. The procedure during an LSLBC hearing is quite different than the ordinary court procedure and the right attorney can make all the difference.

Whether you’ve been called in for a hearing before the LSLBC or just have general licensing questions, the attorneys at Smiley Law are always ready to help. Contact us today.

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