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Smiley Law Firm helps clients around the country manage their everyday legal needs. We are licensed in multiple states but focus primarily on Louisiana for legal representation. However, we have a number of out-of-state clients who venture into Louisiana and need help navigating Louisiana laws.

Whether you need general on-going legal advice or representation in complex litigation, our firm has the experience to help you.

Smiley Law Firm is the right choice in legal representation because we’re progressive, we focus our practice on construction law, personal injury and business disputes. We care about results and keeping clients for a lifetime. Many law firms want to get a case and work it. However, we are solution and client focused. We want what is best for our clients even if it means less work for our firm.

For the reasons above we offer a number of traditional and alternative fee solutions. We want what works best for the client.

Hourly Fee Legal Representation

The most traditional of all lawyer-client relationships, it’s still around because, in a large number of matters, it just makes plain sense. Finding an attorney you can trust plays an important role in whether this type of agreement can be successful, but here are some advantages to hourly fee agreements. This hourly fee agreement is truly the “you get exactly what you pay for” type of agreement. However, it can be very sporadic.


  • Pay Only For Time Used
  • Fee Agreement Can Apply To Multiple Cases
  • Great for General Counsel Needs – if your company has a few issues or items that pop up from time to time, this is a perfect agreement.

Contingency Fee Legal Representation

The contingency fee is by far the most requested fee agreement type. It allows access to justice for those who cannot afford the more traditional methods of payment. For many years the contingency fee agreement was not even allowed under attorney ethical rules.

If your company is owed a large amount of money, for example, $100,000 or more then contingency may be right for you.  Or if you are an injured plaintiff in a case seeking a payment, a contingency fee may interest you. In these types of cases, you don’t pay anything unless we’re successful with your case, and then you only pay a percentage of the amount recovered.

Depending on a number of factors, the percentage ranges from 30-45%. Many cases do not qualify for a contingency fee agreement. If you are being sued or if they opposition may sue you back, most attorneys will not take your case on contingency.


  • You Pay Only If Successful
  • Attorney Interest Aligned With You (Resolution!)
  • You Avoid Many Risks of Litigation
  • We only collect if you collect
  • Case expenses get paid from the settlement

Best for:

  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial Collections
  • Construction Supplier Litigation
  • Some Construction Law including Labor / Suppliers
  • Cases worth over $100,000

Mixed Fee

Mixed Fees present clients with the best features of the Hourly Fee and the Contingency Fee by mixing the two. You’ll be charged a discounted hourly fee and a discounted contingency percentage. That way, you pay less throughout the case in hourly fees, and then at the end of the case, get less of a percentage taken.

This is not a favored type of fee arrangement and typically not one offered by Smiley Law Firm. The circumstances need to be special for this type of agreement.


  • Combines Hourly Fee with Contingency Fee
  • Advantages of Both Fee Arrangements
  • You Only Pay Part of the Fee If Suit Is Successful
  • Attorney Interest Aligned With You (Resolution!)
  • You Take Less Litigation Risk

Best for:

Flat Monthly Rates

For those clients who have legal needs that are consistent month-to-month, we can negotiate a flat monthly rate for attorney fees. That way, you’ll spend a flat predictable amount of money each month and get the legal assistance you need.

With a flat monthly rate commitment, we can offer discounted legal rates. I like to compare this to level billing from the electric company. Also, we have enough data on litigating cases, that we can offer flat monthly rates for certain cases.

There are natural delays and other busy times in a case where we could level out the ups and downs to a predictable rate.


  • Predictable Monthly Legal Bill
  • Buying Hours In Bulk Saves On Fee
  • Keeps You Legally Up To Date

Best for:

  • Ongoing legal counsel for your business
  • Certain cases in litigation
  • Serving as general counsel for your company

Flat Fees Legal Representation

Another more popular form of legal representation is in the form of flat fees. If you just need a certain document drafted or reviewed, or some other specific legal task, it may be best to have us perform the work on a flat fee basis. We perform a number of tasks on this basis, and if something isn’t list on our site, ask us to quote you a flat price.

I like this form of legal representation when first starting out with new clients because it gives both Smiley Law Firm and the client a chance to get to know one another. Further, it allows for the new, more hesitant client, to know like and trust our firm. Its a win for all parties.


  • Predictable Legal Cost
  • Pay Only For What You Get
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Don’t Pay For Staff, Research Costs, Copies, Calls, Emails, Etc.
  • Get Only The Services You Need

Billing Methods

Smiley Law Firm makes a promise to its clients that its billings will be clear, accessible and consistent. We strive for complete transparency in billing. We keep track of all time even if its not an hourly case.

Consistent Billing is important to legal representation

You’ll receive your Smiley Law Firm bill at the same time each and every month. Our clients are never hit with a surprise invoice, and receiving your bill every month helps you manage your legal budget and understand the status of your case.

Clear Explanation of Services Provided

Smiley Law Firm invoices provide you with a clear explanation of the services performed during the billing period. Our system tracks every task we perform on your matter, and you’ll get a complete description of the service performed. Not only does this help you understand the charge, but it also helps you stay advised of the status of your matter.

We want and need clients to be involved in their cases. Involvement makes our job easier and more rewarding. We want to get the right solution for our clients.

We Accept Payments Like Every Other Business

Just like every other business in the world (stuffy law firms excluded), Smiley Law Firm accepts all forms of payment. In fact, most of our clients pay with credit card and we prefer credit cards. We’re happy to accept payment in a way that makes sense for your business, including credit card, check, ACH, eCheck, etc.


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