If you’ve suffered from breach of contract or some type of legal wrong, a letter of demand is often your first step in opening a case and receiving restitution. An effective letter of demand includes all of the details and related evidence that support your claim, and clearly states the type and amount of compensation that you seek. Whether you are owed for unpaid debt, contract violation, personal injury, medical malpractice or any other tort situation, the professionals at Smiley Law stand ready to execute a successful letter of demand that can get you compensation while reducing the chance of costly and protracted court proceedings.

What to Expect When Your Lawyer Prepares a Letter of Demand

The letter of demand that your lawyer writes for you must adhere to certain guidelines that depend on the type of case you have. For example, your letter of demand to the insurance companies for a personal injury case will typically need to include:

  • A description of the accident.
  • A discussion of accident liability demonstrating responsibility by the recipient.
  • A description of personal injuries.
  • A description of medical treatments and a list of all applicable medical bills.
  • Lost income statements.
  • Injury settlement demand.

The letter should be accompanied by all supplemental documents that are referenced in the letter, such as copies of accident reports, photographs of the accident and injuries, medical bills, doctor’s statements etc.

If you are sending a letter of demand to collect a debt on a business transaction, it will need to include:

  • A description of the transaction(s) that the recipient has yet to pay for, including any products or services rendered.
  • A dollar amount(s) of the outstanding payment(s) and the date(s) when it was due.
  • A deadline to receive outstanding payment(s),

The letter should also state that failure to send payment by the deadline will result in legal action on your part, and should be accompanied by all invoices or other documents pertaining to the debt.

Turn to Smiley Law for Your Letter of Demand or Other Legal Needs

These are only some basic guidelines for writing a letter of demand, a critical document that requires attention to detail and can make the difference between a swift settlement and a drawn-out legal battle. Don’t take chances with your case—set out on the right foot with a letter of demand drafted by the experienced legal professionals Smiley Law. It’s one of the many reasonably-priced flat-fee services we offer our clients, and yet another reason why our attorneys are among the most trusted in the business.

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