Smiley Law Firm is proud to announce that attorney, Matt Thomas, has been approved for his bar license in Texas. This is an exciting announcement for both Mr. Thomas and Smiley Law Firm. The firm has the ability to practice in other states, but adding the Lone Star State will complement the growth and trajectory of the firm as we seek to help more people with construction and injury issues.

History of Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas has been licensed in Louisiana since 2011 and has been a valuable asset to Smiley Law Firm since 2012. See more on his biography page here.

The move for Matt is strategic due to his roots in Oklahoma and contacts with Texas. We here at the firm know that expanding his reach into Texas will aid our current clients even more and allow us to service new clients starting the in Houston area and then moving to other parts of Texas.

Mr. Thomas has been serving a number of Houston based clients who perform work in Louisiana. So the move was natural that he can now serve those clients in their own backyard. Although Texas and Louisiana are close in proximity, the laws in these jurisdictions are vastly different. This is especially true when it comes to lien and notice law. One of Mr. Thomas’ first tasks will be mastering the legal requirements for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and equipment lessors just as he has here in Louisiana.

What this means for the firm

For a number of years, Smiley Law Firm has been on a trajectory of growth with a focus on construction and injury law. From the onset, Mr. Thomas will be leading the charge in Texas to aid construction industry firms to protect payment rights on work performed in Texas.

The goal is to have a virtual presence in Texas, operating from Smiley Law Firm’s home office in downtown New Orleans. This is achievable due to technology and the close proximity of Texas to New Orleans. It’s a few hours drive or an extremely short plane ride to Houston.

From there, Smiley Law Firm will be looking to have a brick and mortar presence in the Houston metro area starting in 2018 or possibly earlier.

Will this affect current clients

The addition of allowing Mr. Thomas to serve Texas clients will only add to the quality of representation Smiley Law Firm gives to its clients. We strive for adding value and wowing our customers.

For Louisiana clients, this will allow for the firm to extend the range of our representation across state lines into Texas. We have a number of current clients who have inquired as to whether we could help them in Texas, and now we can.

For Texas-based clients of Smiley Law Firm, we can now offer our same great service and knowledgeable representation in Texas. This will allow for continuity of vendors and a deeper relationship with our clients to really understand the needs and wants of the client. We strive to keep clients out of the courtroom and out in the field doing what they do best, construction work!

What is next for the growing firm?

Adding Mr. Thomas in Texas is just one step in the upward trajectory of Smiley Law Firm. The firm is constantly adding more clients with more sophisticated legal needs. We aim to meet those needs in every way possible so that our clients get the best legal experience available on the market. Our clients are constantly looking to grow their businesses, therefore we think it is imperative that their law firm is looking to grow as well.

Please feel free to reach out to Smiley Law Firm by calling 504-894-9653, submitting a form on this site or commenting on this post below. We love to hear from clients and prospective clients so that we can answer questions about their legal issues.


As of October 19, 2017, Smiley Law Firm, owner Seth J. Smiley was admitted to practice in Texas along with Mr. Thomas. The firm will begin taking on cases and helping clients who do work in Texas. Please contact our office to learn more.

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