When I logged onto the Smiley Law Group page on Facebook this morning, I was greeted with a message that the page would no longer have “fans,” but instead would invite users to “like” our practice. It’s an effort to be more “lightweight” to users, and hopefully, increase a pages fan base. It just might work too.

Before logging into our admin page, I stumbled upon another businesses FB page and saw the “become a fan” button replaced with “like.”. It confused me for a few seconds, but then I just passed it off as someone knowing a little more than me about Facebook, and knowing how to change the call to action on the fan pages.

Low and behold the change was made on my page, too…and system wide.

With all of this said, let’s take this Facebook change our for a spin. No need to become a fanatic for Smiley Law Group or anything. After all, we’re just a law firm. Borrrr-ing.

But, you can at least like what we do, eh? That ain’t so hard.


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