With offices located in Metairie, Louisiana Olympian Builders, LLC, is a general contracting firm. Over the past two years, Olympian Builders’ project base has increased significantly. Smiley Law Group is honored to be witness to the success of this company.

When facing legal issues, trust and consistency in your company’s representation will ease the stress that is generally associated with legal procedures. A successful attorney-client relationship is not solely based on the outcome of a legal matter, but depends on the client’s general feelings during the process. Smiley Law Group strives to develop trust through transparency, dedication and communication.

“During contract negotiation on a ten million dollar construction project, WLG was an invaluable resource to Olympian Builders. WLG’s thorough understanding of the construction industry and expertise in contract negotiation gave me a very comfortable feeling as we executed this very long contract. I would strongly recommend WLG to anyone in the construction industry in need of a young, aggressive, and very competent group of attorneys.”

Keith J. Boudreaux/President of Olympian Builders, LLC

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