New Orleans Construction Contracts Attorney

New Orleans is a special place where the construction industry is booming. Having a New Orleans construction contract attorney review your legal documents is a smart move. Despite everyone’s best efforts to complete a construction project smoothly, disputes in the construction industry are all too common. Disputes happen every day and we see them all the time here at Smiley Law Firm. Disputes come in every variety and at one time or another, they effect every party to the construction project. Disputes usually consume a lot of time and money, and result in frustrating delays to the project. Don’t wait for the legal repercussions that can cost your project, and call a New Orleans construction contract lawyer immediately for help.

When a dispute arises in New Orleans, the parties typically turn to the contract documents for guidance on a possible resolution, and this may lead the parties to a third-party neutral, mediation, arbitration, and/or court. Unfortunately, in many cases, the expense involved in a pursuing a dispute can be far out of proportion to the money actually at stake.

Regardless of your type of dispute and/or the contract documents applicable, the parties involved will be faced with legally significant decisions and deadlines. The rights and remedies available to you will often depend on the language of your contract, and even the most straightforward construction contracts can contain unclear or ambiguous terms and legalese that is difficult to understand. A New Orleans construction contracts lawyer with experience in construction disputes can help you pursue your claim in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Smiley Law Firm is experienced in resolving disputes between contractors, subcontractors, architects and owners, both in court and through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. If you have a construction contract dispute, contact one our New Orleans construction contracts lawyer today.