New Orleans Construction Law Appeals Lawyer

The Smiley Law Firm assists clients with the preparation of appellate briefs at all state and federal levels in Louisiana. If you have lost your litigation case, or need help maintaining victory on appeal, a New Orleans construction law appeals lawyer will offer the representation you need. We focus our appellate practice on construction cases in New Orleans, but also have experience with appeals in a variety of practice areas.

Although it feels great to win a case (and feels awful to lose one), your litigation may be far from over, even if the trial is complete or summary judgment judgment has been granted. Whether your case is in state or federal court, the parties always have the opportunity to ask an appeals court to review the rulings of the lower court. Practically, this means that you have another chance to fight if you have been unsuccessful at trial. If you won at trial, the appeals process can delay your recovery of money or other legal relief, and also presents a threat to your ultimate victory.

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Like much of the modern law, appellate procedure is complex, so it is essential that you have an experienced New Orleans construction law appeals lawyer to prosecute or defend an appeal. Contact the Smiley Law Firm today for further information about appeals.

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