New Orleans Real Estate Lease Disputes Lawyer

Lease disputes in commercial and residential properties do not always involve payment disputes. There are many aspects to a lease that need to be followed, otherwise it could result in trouble for the breaching party. To ensure you’re protected as a landlord, talk to a┬áNew Orleans real estate lease dispute attorney at Smiley Law Firm today.

These disputes happen more on the commercial side but can certainly happen for residential leases. Commercial leases usually have many more terms and the business stakes are higher, therefore parties have a vested interest in getting along. Whereas residential leases can be terminated and the parties move on to another landlord tenant relationship.

Commercial and Residential lease disputes can become very heated costing parties thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is important for parties to have a carefully drafted lease with specific provisions that are protective, and that when the dispute arises, that proper notice is given for the default.

Parties need to know their rights which are located in the lease. If the lease is silent then parties are governed by the Louisiana Civil Code. A good New Orleans real estate lease dispute attorney can advise landlords and tenants as to the terms and conditions contemplated by the lease.

Smiley Law Firm attorneys deal with all types of leases from the long 30 plus year commercial triple net lease to the month to month residential lease where the non-paying tenant simply will not vacate the premises.

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