intuitSmiley Law Group takes pride in choosing software that is not only compatible with Mac Computers, but software that provides the firm and its staff with the tools to work as efficiently as possible. Accounting is a major aspect of any business and WLG found Quickbooks Online to be the obvious software choice.

At the time of the decision, the only draw back was, Quickbooks Online only worked with Internet Explorer, a PC Windows internet browser. Although, it is indeed possible for Mac computer users to download Windows, the program works at a slower speed. About a week ago, WLG received very good news. Quickbooks Online was making the program available on the Safari internet browser! Making it much easier for WLG to manage billing, payroll and general accounting needs.

It gets better…

Along with the announcement of the use of QuickBooks Online with the Safari Browser, the program now offers improved mobile Web-browser features for the iPhone which lets users manage their accounting needs remotely. A perfect match for WLG!

Quickbooks Online published an online press release which features founding attorney of WLG, Scott Smiley.

“Since 2700 miles separate our offices, we needed an online accounting tool to bridge the gap,” said Scott Smiley, owner of Smiley Law, a boutique law firm in Seattle and New Orleans. “We chose QuickBooks because it’s the standard. As we run exclusively on Macs, we used virtualization software to use QuickBooks Online, while we anxiously waited for it to support Safari. And now it does! As a result, we’re able to work a lot faster in the program now that we’re not using a workaround.”

You can view the entire press release at Intuit’s website. For more information about Smiley Law Group, visit or contact Jessica Reiser at

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