avvo-logo-full-color1In recent weeks, the Chinese Drywall contamination problem has dominated residential construction news in Florida and Louisiana. Consumer groups like America’s Watchdog warn that the problem is likely far more widespread than that, including other countries and 12 other U.S. states (including Washington).

In response to the controversy, Smiley Law Group has taken immediate steps to help its clients, readers and colleagues in the construction industry.

The firm announced that its practice will expand to include Chinese Drywall defense and consulting. The new “practice area” has been added to its website SmileyLaw.com, and the firm even set up a domain for the practice area: http://www.chinesedrywalldefense.com.

Smiley Law Group has also dedicated substantial time and resource on its construction law blog, the Construction Law Monitor, to help educate readers about the Chinese Drywall problem, and how construction businesses are effected. The Chinese Drywall blog entries can be found through the tag “Chinese Drywall.

Today, Scott Smiley Jr., the firm’s founding member adds to the available Chinese Drywall resources by publishing a how-to legal guide on the lawyer ratings website: Avvo.com. The new legal guide is titled, “What To Do If You Installed or Supplied Chinese Drywall,” and provides readers with a step-by-step guide of the matters they should consider if they were involved with Chinese Drywall.

The step-by-step guide provides that affected businesses should:

  1. Determine whether they have supplied or installed Chinese Drywall;
  2. Mitigate its Damages
  3. Get Prepared
  4. Get Legal Counsel and Consider Legal Options

Read the how-to guide on Avvo.com here.

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