Scott Smiley Jr., founding partner of Smiley Law Group, is featured in Carolyn Elefant’s recently published book, “Solo By Choice.”

Published by Decision Books, the book speaks to an audience of legal professionals about venturing out on their own.

Smiley was interviewed by the publisher in 2005 about the success of his practice and about his advice to other attorneys on how to run a successful law firm.

Carolyn Elefant is one of the few spokespersons for solo and small firm practices, and advises attorneys on how to leave “BigLaw” in favor of smaller and more focused firms on her website: MyShingle.Com.

On that website, the book’s topic is described as follows:

Solo By Choice is dedicated to every lawyer who ever wanted to run the show but worried that going solo was career suicide…every lawyer who wanted to solo but didn’t know how to set up the office and make it work…every lawyer who never set foot in a courtroom but dreamed of one day practicing law their way. In short, this book is dedicated to becoming the lawyer you always wanted to be.

You can order the book at by clicking here.

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