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Seeking A Second Opinion on Attorney Advice

There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. There are a variety of reasons you may want to get one when seeking attorney advice. It’s often hard for a client to know whether or not a lawyer is doing a good job. But if you think your lawyer’s ability leaves something to be desired, investigate before its too late.

Some valid reasons to pursue a second legal opinion include:

  • You want greater certainty you are making the proper decision to sue or go forward if suit is already filed
  • You suspect improper, incompetent, or insufficient handling of a case
  • You believe there is a conflict of interest
  • Your case is moving too slowly with no explanation from your attorney
  • Your case is costing a lot but you are not seeing results or value for those costs
  • Your lawyer does not seem familiar with the area of law or the legal complexities involved with your case
  • You can’t get meaningful answers or clear strategies from your attorneys about the case
  • Your attorney is offering a settlement that you don’t agree with
  • Your attorney has suggested that you appeal a losing decision

There are a few things that an attorney might say on a second opinion.

  1. Your first attorney is correct.
  2. Your first attorney was dead wrong
  3. Your attorney seems to be doing some things correctly, but the second attorney might have some suggestions

If you do seek a second opinion, be sure to clearly define what it is you’re after. Place a cap on the amount of time the second lawyer may spend on the matter, so he or she understands you are only willing to spend a set amount of money.

Lawyers are paid to question, so why shouldn’t clients do a little hard questioning themselves? On occasion, that may even mean getting a second opinion.

If you are concerned about how your lawyer is preparing or prosecuting your case, it may be in your best interest to receive a second opinion from a law firm that you can trust. The experienced attorneys at Smiley Law are committed to reviewing all aspects of your legal proceeding and can advise you on whether or not your case is being properly handled.

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