If you visit our Seattle or New Orleans law offices, you’d see each of our workstations powered by an Apple iMac or laptop. Since day one, we’ve exclusively used Macs to practice law.

Almost everyday, a client or fellow attorney will meet at our offices and ask me about our choice to use Macs. I go through the motions of explaining how the computers are just better, that we never have tech problems, that it’s generally more pleasant to use, etc. etc.

Our exclusive use of Apple computers at the office actually does make our office more efficient – and as a result, we get more done for our clients. Apple advertises itself as selling computers that just work, and as a result of that cleaner and faster operating system, me and the attorneys and staff here are able to manage the case loads and draft documents quicker than they could on a PC.

While most law offices are powered by PCs, the Mac is not foreign to the law.

Two popular blogs tout the relevance of the Mac in the legal profession: Esquire Mac and The Mac Lawyer. And Apple themselves, of course, argue that the Mac Means Business.

I frequently read these blogs to get introduced to new software and products, and to get ideas about how other law firms are using Macs in their practice. If you’re frustrated with your PC, subscribe to these blogs and start exploring a new world of computing.

If you’re a client and in the construction business, there’s plenty there to help you learn about Macs in the business world. If you’re in the legal field, you’ll be doing your clients a great service.

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