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Failure to follow the terms of a contract can have dire consequences for your operation. On March 10, the owner of a local Dunkin Donuts filed a breach of contract suit against a subcontractor for allegedly ordering the wrong refrigerator and performing work that was not permitted on the contract.

Sri Silva Durga Properties LLC filed suit against Johnny Romero, Johnny Romero Builder’s LLC, seeking unspecified damages for installation of the wrong refrigeration unit, amount of the contract and the change order, amount of cash the plaintiff paid for the change order, cost of the inappropriate change order, cost of shipping for the wrong refrigerator and cost of code violations that the plaintiff claims were discovered in the work performed.

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Breach of contract is one of the most common causes of legal action between two parties, and a well-written contract can avoid misunderstandings and help avoid unnecessary legal wrangling after the fact. Smiley Law offers a flat-fee contract drafting service that includes:

  • Review of existing contract
  • Telephone consultation with attorney
  • 3 drafts of custom contract
  • Finals provided in editable DOC formats
  • Legal advice about use of contract

A legal review of your existing contract can also help you plug holes and provide protection for both parties. We offer a flat-fee review service, including:

  • Comprehensive review of contract
  • Telephone consultation with attorney
  • Letter from attorney with notes on contract
  • Recommendation of alternative provisions

Even the best contract cannot protect you if the other party does not honor it. For instance, if you are facing non-payment for goods or labor that you’ve provided to a contractor or developer, you may need to resort to filing a mechanic’s lien in order to cover your loss. A successful lien involves following complex laws, and an improperly filed lien can result in monetary damages against you.To help make your lien filing easier and more successful, Smiley Law provides an all-inclusive flat-fee mechanic’s lien service.

We also offer fixed-rate services for drafting and filing bond claims, drafting and delivering demand letters, opinion/research letters and lien removal.

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Contact us to receive affordable and efficient flat-fee services that will save you time paperwork. Rely on Smiley Law‘s experienced legal professionals to prepare your business for the unexpected.

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