earthinhands The New Orleans, LA and Seattle, WA boutique construction firm, Smiley Law Group, announced today its WLG Goes Green Initiative, designed to meet their conservation goals and those of their clients with more environmentally conscious practices.

The legal field is not an easy place to be utilize environmentally friendly practices, as its extraordinarily paper-oriented. Smiley Law Group, however, who opened it’s doors to a second office in SODO earlier this month, announced that they are taking unprecedented steps to “go green” in 2008.

While in recent days there are many businesses “going green,” law firms have been a bit slower to make the leap.

“Our industry has some challenges in ‘going green,’ and most of them revolve around paper. We go through reams and reams of paper, and the small difference in cost between regular and recycled paper can make a real difference in your bottom line at the end of year,” explains Scott Smiley, founder of Smiley Law Group. “We work hard to run a paperless office, which allows us to use much less paper than your everyday firm. We, therefore, can justify the difference in cost and print only on recycled materials.”

Not only does Smiley Law Group recycle and use recycled paper products, and work in a paperless practice, but they have adopted an ambitious plan that also includes enforcing a plastics-free policy on beverages, utilizing energy efficient light bulbs and more.

“We’re conscious,” says Doug Reiser, head attorney in the Seattle office. “We take steps everyday to conserve according to our plans, and then to continue evolving our environmental practices.”

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