Smiley Law Group has formed a new practice group to respond to concerns surrounding the use of Chinese Drywall in Louisiana construction projects. The firm offers services to developers, contractors, suppliers and other participants in the construction industry who are facing warranty claims, lawsuits, and other legal and business questions derived from the use of imported drywall.

New Orleans, Louisiana (PRWEB) March 24, 2009 – In response to the growing concerns of developers, builders, suppliers and other construction professionals, Smiley Law Group announced a new practice group to address the imported drywall crisis.

Chinese Drywall imported into the United States between 2001 and 2008 may be contaminated with sulfuric acid, and the issue is causing legal problems across the country. In Louisiana, some reports estimate that more than 6,000 post-Katrina homes were built with the material.

Many lawsuits, including class action suits, have already been filed against builders, developers, suppliers and other participants in construction projects that involved the use of Chinese Drywall. The plaintiffs in these suits allege that the drywall is defective, is responsible for damages to building elements, and the cause of health problems.

Smiley Law Group is prepared to represent and advise construction industry participants implicated in litigation, facing warranty claims, or simply encountering legal uncertainties related to the use of Chinese Drywall. Speaking about the new practice area, founding member of the firm, Scott Smiley Jr, commented as follows:

For construction companies and suppliers who have encountered Chinese Drywall, it’s only a matter of time before a complaint affects their business. With so much at stake, and huge class action lawsuits being filed, companies should be examining their exposure and mitigating their losses. Our new practice area is specifically geared to help contractors and suppliers accomplish this.

Following the news of Chinese Drywall problems in Louisiana, the law firm quickly made itself a valuable resource on the topic for the construction industry. There was a published article regarding Chinese Drywall How-To Legal Guide on, and set up a Chinese Drywall practice group (

The practice area fits perfectly with the boutique law firm’s existing practice. Smiley Law Group focuses its law practice on the construction industry, representing suppliers, contractors, and construction professionals of all shapes and sizes in legal matters that affect their business. It has offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and Seattle, Washington.

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