Smiley Law Group announces the launch of three new topic-specific legal blogs. The three new blogs all relate the construction industry, and focus on emerging practice areas for the firm.

New Orleans, Louisiana (SmileyLaw) April 6, 2009 — Today, Smiley Law Group officially unveils three new topic-specific legal blogs that relate to legal concerns for the construction industry. The new blogs focus on emerging practice areas for the law firm.


Since the emergence of the Chinese Drywall crisis, Smiley Law Group has been a leader in providing information to builders, suppliers, contractors and other construction participants about how they are affected by the crisis.

Those who may have supplied or installed Chinese Drywall have concerns about their legal rights and obligations, and are interested in learning more about what type of legal options are available to them.

This blog will focus on these topics, and promote the firm’s new Chinese Drywall Defense practice area.


The emergence of Green Building and LEED accreditation nationwide has changed building practices. This is especially true in the state of Louisiana, where Hurricane Katrina relief money has attracted non-profit groups interesting in building the city back green.

Contemporaneously, however, emerging legal issues are coming into focus that are specific to green building.

This blog will track the progress of green building in Louisiana and provide insight on the legal components of “building green” in the state.


The Brazil Construction Law Blog will provide insight on construction law development and news in the country of Brazil, including information about international arbitration and the laws applicable to companies who are interested in doing business in Brazil.

While the blog is written in English, and written to an English-speaking audience, it can be translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

The blog intends to speak to an audience of businesses interested in foreign contracting, international joint ventures and international construction risk management.

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