earthinhandsOn Earth Day, Smiley Law Group renews its commitment to Planet Earth, and encourages clients, colleges and business partners to do the same.

In January 2008, the construction law boutique firm Smiley Law Group announced its Green Initiative, designed to meet its conservation goals and those of their clients with more environmentally conscious practices. You can read the press release here: Green Press Release.

On Earth Day 2008, Smiley Law Group renewed its commitment.

We encourage our clients and business partners to learn more about our fragile planet, and to join in our commitment to do our part.

“Its the small things that really make a difference,” says Scott Smiley, founding partner of Smiley Law Group. “And it’s easy to use recycled paper instead of regular paper, water pitchers instead of water bottles, and more. In fact, these conservative practices are frequently even economical.”

The firm’s Green Initiative includes the following measures:

  • All legal pleadings, letters and documents are printed on recycled paper made with at least 30% post-consumer materials.
  • All trashed paper is shredded and recycled;
  • The firm is committed to running a paperless office;
  • All offices have a standing no-plastics policy, and all water for clients and employees is poured from Britta pitchers into washable glasses;
  • The firm uses energy efficient lighting;
  • Business Cards, Promotional Printings and more are purchased from vendors who have environmental friendly packaging and practices;
  • Coffee is purchased from vendors who have environmentally friendly packaging and practices;
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