…..Well not exactly. There is always room for improvement. But we certainly have our doors open for business and would love to discuss your legal matter.

Our office in Seattle was recently fitted for a custom glass entry conference room and our new sign has been installed facing 1st Avenue South. To top it off, the building caught a new coat of paint.

To commemorate the opening of our law office in the SODO District, we’ve also registered the domain name http://www.sodolawyer.com, and have it pointing to our ordinary website.

Our SODO neighborhood is filled with wonderful construction vendors, contracting offices, and supply warehouses. If you need custom doors, windows, cupboards, siding, flooring, or you name it – it can found at our neighbors’ doorstep.
Our office has quickly become our welcoming home in Seattle. So stop on in and ask a question, or call ahead at (206) 801-1600 in order to set up a consultation. If you didn’t know already, SODO is a great spot for a lunch. Take a quick pass by our office and stop at SODO Deli, Pecos Pit, Pig Iron BBQ or stop through on Tuesday for Skillet, the renowned street food hotspot.
We hope to see you soon!
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