earthinhandsOctober 2008- Smiley Law Group, a paperless office aims to reduce its negative effects on the environment. Shred- it, the world’s leading on site document destruction company serves the recycling needs of the two offices in Seattle and New Orleans.

Recycled paper is re-used to create more paper or paper products which in turn saves millions of trees. With the help of Shred- It, Smiley Law Group has saved four trees and hopes to increase that number in the future.

Smiley Law Group’s office administrator, Jessica Hunter states, “It is our social responsibility to take a proactive stance on how to lessen our office’s daily environmental impact.” Some tips on how your company can help the environment include:

1.)Think before you print! Does this document need to be printed? If so, can it be printed on already used paper or can it printed as a double sided document?

2.) Have recycling bins readily available to your employees and some information posted in a common area about the types of items that are considered recyclable materials.

3.) Cut down on the junk mail you receive at your office. Two new organizations, and, will contact direct marketers and other companies on your behalf and have them remove your name from mailing lists.

Get motivated and Go Green!

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