Business questionWhat are the attorney rates?
Our attorneys bill at a rate of $250 per hour.

What is the administrative charge?
The administration charge is a 3% administration fee that is attached to each invoice and applies to costs associated with copies, postage, faxes, and long distance telephone charges. Instead of billing you for every cent of postage, every copy made or minute spent on a long distance call we add a 3% charge to each invoice to cover these costs.

Will I be able to tell what work the firm is charging me for?
Yes. We include a detailed list of all completed tasks for each billing period with your invoice. This list details every task performed on your matter. WLG also provides that amount of time spent on each task so that you may see exactly what is being done on your case and just where your money is going. You will always know exactly what we did, when we did it and how long it took us.

How often will I be billed?
WLG bills every three (3) weeks.

How can I pay my invoices? check? cash? credit card?
All of the above.

WLG accepts cash in the form of a retainer. The retainer (usually several thousand dollars) is deposited into the WLG trust account and acts as a credit which is applied towards your invoices. When the retainer is depleted to a certain amount you will be required to replenish it before any further work is performed on your account.

Checks are accepted when an initial retainer is paid. The initial retainer is deposited into the WLG trust account and is only depleted in instances when payment checks bounce. If none of your payment checks bounce and all of your fees have been paid at the close of a case you will be refunded your initial retainer deposit.

The retainer requirement is waived when you supply WLG with a credit card as a primary means of payment or as a back-up in cases when your primary means of payment fails. However, the first time your credit card is rejected you will be required to supply WLG with a retainer.

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