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Louisiana New Home Warranty Act – Builders Requirements to Fix

Many clients have come to Wolfe Law Group after having issues with the builder of their new home. The Louisiana New Home Warranty Act (NHWA) is a one-stop-shop for Louisiana residents looking to resolve legal disputes with their homebuilder, as the NHWA provides the exclusive remedies, warranties and peremptive periods between builders and owners of new homes. La. R.S. 9:3150.

Preliminary Notice 101

Because the laws regarding preliminary notices change frequently, it isn't uncommon for contractors and subcontractors to feel confused regarding who should file them and when. The simple answer is that they should be filed before a project by the primary contractor....

Mechanics Liens: What Everyone Needs to Know

As a contractor, you probably know about mechanics liens. You may run into situations where the property owner you’re doing work for doesn’t make a payment. That can happen if the owner has a problem with the work you’ve done, or if they don’t have the cash they need...

Your Complete Guide to Construction Law

While working in construction, it is imperative that all parties understand the areas of construction law. After all, the processes and procedures involved when in construction are complex. In order to protect construction companies (as well as their clients),...

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