You have been hired to perform a job for a new customer. After negotiating a deal that you are both happy with, you signed your name on the dotted line.You may have even started performing work for the other party.If so, you have already incurred some expenses and have likely not yet seen much compensation for it.Perhaps, you have even fully completed the job at hand.

Thus far, all seemed to be going ok, until suddenly, the customer went back on his promise. The deal you had entered into has now been broken. If you find yourself here, you might be facing a breach of contract and there are some important steps you need to take to ensure you are protected.

Here are the first three steps to consider if you think your contract has been breached:

1. Don’t Panic

A breach of contract may be a frustrating occurrence. It may even be an expensive and burdensome one. It is usually not, however, an irreversible one. Meaning, you have legal rights that are well-protected and with the proper legal guidance, you may quickly be on your way to relief. Though amicable negotiations are always advisable, make sure to never engage in hostile or aggressive communication.The court system is there to help you deal with the adversarial nature of such a conflict. In fact, a breach of contract is one of the most common causes of lawsuits nowadays. Don’t engage in angry personal interactions.

2. Know Some Stuff

We always advise our clients to familiarize themselves with some basic legal terminology as vocabulary can be on of your best tools. Breach of contract, for example, is simply a broken contract resulting from the unjustifiable failure of one or more parties to complete the terms of their contractual obligations. It may range from a minor breach to a material one. A breach of contract may occur when a painter refuses to complete the job, a delivery is only partially fulfilled, or when a client refuses to pay the agreed upon compensation.

As a result of the breach, you may be entitled to damages, or monetary relief, which is the typical remedy awarded as compensation for your loss. Though far less typical, a court may also order specific performance, which would require the person or business to perform his initial duties as stipulated under the contract.

3. Get Representation

Though you should be as well versed in the legal framework of your contract as possible, the right legal team is an invaluable asset in this sort of situation. In addition to time limitations for your claim, you may face procedural and logistical hurdles on your way to relief.

Here at Smiley Law, we have tremendous experience in helping clients pursue their legal rights regarding breach of contract.Contact us today for all your contract questions.

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