Deciding on an attorney to represent your company is a difficult and important choice. Unfortunately, organizations must often face this decision blind, without ever seeing that attorney in the courtroom or reading documents and arguments prepared by his or her office.

An online service from JD Supra aims at making law firms and attorneys more transparent, and Smiley Law Group is pleased to announce its profile on JD Supra.

Our firm is so confident in our services that we’re happy to provide our clients, prospective clients and other attorneys with samples of our work. Each week, we’re posting new court documents to our JD Supra profile for anyone to download and view, along with important construction forms and articles about construction law issues.

Scott Smiley, founding member of Smiley Law Group, commented on the firm’s new online profile:

JDSupra’s service is really revolutionary. Most every court pleading is public record, yet until now the work of law firms has been kept behind closed doors. Businesses simply had to assume that their attorneys were adequately representing them. JD Supra brings some transparency to a very closed-in profession.

All documents posted to JDSupra is accessible by subscribing to the JD Supra RSS Feed, as well as at our JD Supra profile or our Facebook page. Not only will the firm be posting legal pleadings through the service, but we will also use JD Supra to host the many construction forms that we provide to clients at no charge on our firm’s Resource page and Construction Law Monitor blog.

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