Smiley Law Group is always interested in news related to Green Building Practices in the New Orleans and Seattle metropolitan areas. Currently, the New Orleans Solar School Initiative, a collaboration between Entergy Corporation (the local energy company), Nike, the Department of Energy, the Louisiana U.S. Green Building Chapter and many others are installing solar panels on public school buildings.

Work on an advanced, hurricane-resistant solar roof wrapped up this week at Warren Easton Senior High School, the first project of many in this initiative. Not only are Green Building Practices being applied to the construction and re-construction of these buildings, the students are receiving hands on education about Green Building.

With a new addition to the curriculum, students work with recently developed software, allowing them to see the benefits of solar power and other energy saving practices. These students are the future of the city and the New Orleans Solar School Initiative is ensuring that the youth continue to support the sustainable aspects of Green Building.

New Orleans, a city devastated by Hurricane Katrina over four years ago is still re-building. Programs such as this one showcase the city’s dedication to rebuilding to help boost the local economy and decrease New Orleans’ carbon footprints.

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