Internally, Smiley Law Firm has been making changes over the past few months and some could argue years. While construction law is still our main focus and where we have vast experience, we have decided to broaden our practice areas. The new areas include: commercial collections, landlord-tenant, business formation, personal injury and mediation.


The main purpose of this move is because of our clients. We have clients who trust our services and would like us to handle more issues for them other than run-of-the-mill construction disputes. We still love getting contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, laborers and equipment lessors paid when money is due. We simply have a demand to help our clients in other areas. Rather than turn down this type of work, we have gained experience in these fields over time.


The result of this adaption to client need is our current firm make-up. We are still a boutique firm who love technology and efficiently serving our clients, but unlike the rest of the legal industry we adapt.

Another adaptation or evolution we have encountered is becoming more flexible with our fee arrangements. Most firms are rigid with either hourly or contingency fee arrangements. Many modern clients cannot be so rigid. I have clients who work with me on a contingent, hourly and flat fee arrangement.

I constantly do cost-benefit analysis with clients to see what the most successful fee arrangement for the particular case will be. These decisions are made based on client needs, case needs and probability of success.

Moving Ahead

In the coming days and months, clients will continue to see Smiley Law advance. We have upgraded our technology internally and we are now unveiling our new website. Always feel free to contact us via the site or on the phone (504-509-5704), if any questions arise or you simply want to ask us a question.

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