Non-Payment Disputes in New Orleans

Non-payment disputes are the most common types of landlord tenant disputes in commercial and residential real estate. This results when the tenant, rightfully or wrongfully, withholds rent and continues to occupy the property. For legal help regarding these matters in Louisiana, be sure to call a specialized New Orleans non-payment disputes lawyer

Parties to this type of dispute have many rights both apparent and hidden. Proper landlord/tenant legal advice in these situations is paramount.

For example, if a landlord continuously accepts late rent, then decides one day that late rent will no longer be accepted and tries to enforce the lease, it is possible that according to landlord laws in New Orleans– the landlord has waived the right to enforce the late provisions and may not even be able to evict the tenant based on future late rental payments. In this situation the landlord has acquiesced to the late payments therefore the lease has practically been re-written based off of conduct.

Both New Orleans landlords and tenants in residential and commercial real estate properties need to be advised of such situations so that they can better leverage a position when involved in non-payment dispute. A New Orleans non-payment disputes lawyer at Smiley Law Firm navigates these waters daily and know how to handle tricky situations.

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