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A contractor faces a lawsuit for performing allegedly defective repair work on a Barataria home following Hurricane Isaac. In a suit filed on August 15, 2014 in a local district court, Diane Bourgeois claims that the work done by American Roofing and Construction LLC following the 2012 storm was substandard, eventually resulting in further damage to her property.

The plaintiff says that she hired the constructors to repair her home after it was damaged by wind and flood waters in the hurricane. Following completion of the work in April 2013, she claims, faults in the repairs caused further damage to the structure. Bourgeois accuses the contractors of negligence and breach of contract, and is seeking over $50,000 in damages for deterioration of the property, failing to perform contracted repairs and loss in property value.

Preparing for a Variety of Risks

Shoddy workmanship by your construction firm can cost you many thousands of dollars in court judgments and legal fees, not to mention your reputation. Even if you finish a project according to plan, you may find yourself in a protracted dispute after you discover that it does not meet your client’s expectations. Prior to signing a contract or work order, you can prevent disputes by ensuring that it describes every aspect of the project in full detail, and once work commences you should maintain full records of the materials and methods as they are used in the project.

Lawsuits over defective work are only one of many risks that can threaten your firm. You can face a variety of tort litigation if your construction is alleged to have caused injury or property damage on the property or in neighboring properties. Even if you follow safety regulations, a construction site is a high-risk work environment, and contractors regularly pay out large sums in workman’s comp claims due to on-site injuries.

Breach of contract claims and change order disputes are another major source of legal liability, as well as allegations of environmental pollution or non-compliance with local, state or federal building codes.

Protect the Foundations of Your Business by Consulting With an Attorney

As a contractor, professionalism means more than just good workmanship. Before starting out on your next building project, consult with the experienced construction attorneys at Smiley Law to make sure that your practice is as sound as the buildings you make.

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