All right good evening everybody it is five o’clock on Wednesday that means I am here in the studios at WGN So downtown New Orleans this is 990 AM and this is the show. See you in court. I am Seth smiley and this is a show I do every week to educate listeners on current events going on in the world of the law and the different things that we do on a day to day basis regarding the law. And you know if anybody wants to call in and talk about different issues going on with the law be I’ll be happy to speak with them about that during this hour. Today we’re going to be covering various various issues. We in my law firm I work at a firm called Smiley law firm it’s me and a couple of other attorneys here in the New Orleans area. And then we also have a satellite office up in Baton Rouge where we cover the 10:12 court or the the the majority of what we do is construction law and we do some business litigation and we do some personal injury.


And so you know among other things those three we specialize in. And so today from time to time my office will put together a special report that we send out to potential clients current clients things like that. And so we have what’s called the nine months of construction law. And so basically in today’s show we’re going to be going over a lot of those myths and trying to debunk some of those and talk about you know different issues that basically there you know frequently asked questions and frequent questions that should be frequently asked by our clients and and in different folks within the construction world.


And we potentially may even go into some of the different myths with regards to business law as well. Some of them overlap and some of them are wholly unique to that particular segment.


And then you know we’re going to take them with some callers as well if anybody wants to call in the number for the show is 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 and the TX line is 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5.


And so if anybody wants to shoot a text or put in a call we’ll be happy to take those calls during you know probably the second and third segment but if somebody wants to call in now we’re happy to entertain that as well. And I know I’m catching folks just now getting off of work on their drive time our home. And so you know just basically a little bit about what who I am what I do. This is actually I believe my fourth show is the first month on the air and really enjoying you know the accommodations over here at WGL so. And and you know the different things that we have going on in you know the show before us that we lead after those guys seem like they have a great time a lot more fun than than you know talking about construction law and various issues that are going on in the law. But you know we I keep my my finger on the pulse of what’s going on especially here in New Orleans and surrounding areas. And then also with regard to Louisiana and on the national level as well. But you know it’s one of those things where we do what we do and do it well and you know have to have lots of friends involved for you know things that we need we don’t do as well as other people. So again I’ve talked about it in the past. You know we do construction law we do business litigation and we do personal injury the things that we don’t necessarily do.


And we refer out to you know other great attorneys or criminal law family law tax law real estate we do we do a decent amount of real estate and we don’t send that out but I might get some real estate guys on here. I got a call into one guy right now and I’m trying to make it work with his schedule to get on this 5 o’clock show. And then with regard to bankruptcy estate planning financial planners and then employment law those are the types of people that we send things away to. So if anybody has any questions I have I have great general knowledge on those subjects of things that we don’t do past bar exams in both Louisiana and California and people always ask me why California and you know early on in my legal career I was looking to get barred and another state just have that on my resume and potentially you know diversify and maybe work somewhere else. So I was like California’s seems like a pretty cool place and it’s big. You know you go a huge pool of potential clients. But then at the same time there’s a ton of attorneys there as well. A very hard bar exam I think only 43 percent of the people who took the bar exam with me passed it. And so I don’t know why I chose that one but it was a good one and we do some work out there as well. And there may be some future plans with the firm out there. And so that’s why I’m unbarred in those places. But the reason why I bring it up is because it it gives significance to the different types of law like here in Louisiana.


We have the Napoleonic Code and out there there is in every other state and there’s common law and so English common law derives from the UK and the law that was brought over by the people who settled America and Napoleonic law derives from you know the French the French tradition and Napoleonic Code. And again the terminology is different but not underlying you know just of most everything is the same.


There are some nuances here and there and but with regards to what I do there’s very few differences. And so I can always tell you know people Rimi form documents that they downloaded online or whatever. And you can always tell when you know people don’t know they haven’t visited something that’s very Louisiana specific because it’s got all of this terminology that derives from the common law.


So anyway GSO 990 AM and GSO dot com is where you can hear us the listener call in line 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 and the TX line is 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5 and so we’re going to dive into the nine months of construction law and basically you know go into the little known strategies that can save you know construction companies headaches and protect you know their future or whatever the special report that we put out with my firm. We’ll be happy to send that to anybody if they want to tax their address and or whatever they want to call in the show and talk.


We can send them a copy of the report free of charge no obligation. And you know there’s no there’s no attorney client privilege created there as well.


Put out my disclaimer and basically you know if anybody’s interested we can get that information over to them we’re happy to provide value as often as we can and get as much information out to folks as we can.


Just general information. And so the first myth that we talk about is basically you know people come keep people come to us all the time and you know they say hey you know I don’t need an attorney to help with my case it’s too expensive. And you’re right. I mean hey that’s not necessarily a myth. Attorneys are expensive but at the end of the day we try to do a cost benefit analysis with every client to basically make sure that the juice is worth the squeeze. And you know we try to help them understand how much is going to cost to proceed with you know using the legal system to get themselves paid or to defend themselves or or whatnot whatever issue happens to be there. But you know it can also be it can also be the reverse of that. We had a client come to us the other day or not a client a potential client and then they kind of stuck their head in the sand with regards to issues that were coming up. Somebody had sued them and you know they didn’t want to respond. They may have been out of state and but regardless service was proper they had communications with the adversary. And at the end of the day they the person that was trying to hire us received a judgment against them over $500000. And you know we were doing the analysis and trying to figure out there was any holes that we could poke and basically at the end of the day it was it was just an it was no way.


And they had to you know they didn’t necessarily have to pay it right away or honor it or whatever but the judgment wasn’t going to stand. And so it was left up to the person who got the judgment to try to enforce it which is a whole nother story in and of itself. But had that had that company come forward a little bit earlier and actually you know ponied up paid an attorney and gotten on board.


Not to say at the end of the day they wouldn’t have had a $500000 judgment against them. But it would have been a lot more likely that it wouldn’t have been so fast. Absolutely it could drag it out over a couple of years and knowing the facts and the law we could have negotiated a much better deal. So we’re about to come up on a on a on a break here in just a minute. We’ll get into the rest of the myths after that.


If you want to call in the number is 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 and if you want to choose the text this 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5 this is see you in court.


And I’m Seth smiley. I’ll see you after the break. All righty Welcome back everybody. It’s 5:00 o’clock or 5:00 o’clock hour here on March 22nd Wednesday and see you in court. My name is Seth smiley and the host attorney here in New Orleans and we were talking before about some myths with regards to construction law if anybody wants to call in and talk about any just general legal issues or anything they have. We’re here GSO 990 AMW GSO dot com. The phone number to call in is 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 and the TX line is 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5.


And let’s see who we’ll get back into the whether or not we need to hire an attorney to help with their case or whether or not it’s too expensive. And then another caveat on there is also whether or not you should hire an expert to help out with their construction case and we’ll talk about that here in just a little bit. And let’s see and then I believe there’s also two listeners who are helping who were playing Listen to me right now one them I have a golf date with after the show’s named Jude. He’s my son he’s five. And then the other one is Luke and they’re going to get they’re going to have a good time with their dad when he’s done with this. But anyway back to back to whether or not to hire an attorney to help your case. We’re talking about a huge judgment that a potential client had. And you know how much how much money they would have saved had they not you know had they hired an attorney to begin with. Another another spin off of that is whether or not they should hire you know an expert to deal with their case expert fees. You know they’re typically called hired guns. You have them in personal injury and business litigation you have them in construction you have you know everything and they can range anywhere from just you know a couple thousand dollars up to you know 50 hundred thousand even more.


But depending on how much we do but depending on how much there is involved with the case the dispute you know if it’s a million dollars $10 million whatever it is you want to make sure that you have a very very you know a strong team of experts to really hash out everything that’s up with your case.


And so we we have a you know there’s firms locally in town that are engineers architects and then you know accident recreationists And you know life care planners and all those different types of people very nuanced industries who help you know spell out everything with regards to the facts of the case. So I hired an expert can be worth its weight in gold. And same with an attorney. You know it’s just a cost benefit analysis and how we can deal with that. You know at the end of the day. So moving on you know another myth that’s out there for especially for contractors is whether or not they either have a license or if their license has expired. And you know whether or not that’s a big deal especially going on right now you know in the post-Katrina world and south Louisiana you know post Gustav and especially with the floods that we’ve had recently tornadoes that we’ve had recently the contractors board up in Louisiana does a fine job with with really you know stay in they have investigators who stay on top of of these unlicensed contractors. And so it’s it’s important that everyone is licensed properly. Now not everyone needs a license to perform construction work if it’s residential You don’t need one up to see if the job is less than seven thousand five hundred if it’s commercial. You know it has to exceed $50000 of work for them to have a license.


But by and large people try to skate around that and it can be very very problematic you know business tries to go and stay under that or parse out you know phases of contract to where they amount to less than that. And then the board sees through that and they understand you know what people try to do. And so getting a license is very important. It helps with your health insurance and helps with you know if somebody makes a claim and you are properly licens your insurance will cover you. And that’s not an excuse it makes it to where they can exclude coverage for that. So any any residential project over seventy five hundred dollars up to 75000 requires in Louisiana a residential home improvement contract and contractors license. And then there’s commercial licenses and then even you know with the different trades plumbers and various tradesmen How are they have they have required their licenses. Well electricians and things like that. So you always want to make sure that the person that you’re dealing with is properly licensed.


You can go to the LS LBC website and they actually have a contractor search. And so the site is l b c that Louisiana dot gov. And that’s Louisiana state licensing board contractors that’s what the LS LBC stands for. And they have a search on their search is a little quirky. You want to search either by their name or you know potentially the qualifying party is a good search to do as well because that’s the actual person who actually passed the test and then the license is in their name and the name of the company. So contractors want to make sure that they’re on there and everything is up to date and they’ve taken all the tests and they’re properly licensed. And then you know let people know that it’s very good to let your potential clients know hey look I have a license here’s my number check me out I’m good. And then you want to let them know what insurance you have. Insurance is very important and can relieve a contractor of a lot of pain and misery if he’s ever sued. If it’s about you know faulty work then potentially the insurance will pick up the claim and defend him. And so that’s a beautiful thing because I will save you know tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. So it’s a big deal to have to make sure that you have your licensing and I get clients all the time who want to you know kind of skate around it or they’ve already worked on some jobs and they’re not properly license and then they try to go in and get it.


And you know it’s like what’s the best time to plant an oak tree. You know a year ago 10 years ago 100 years ago. So same thing with licensing you just want to make sure that you get it done. It’s it’s a big deal. It’s the law and it has. There are many many many many more negative repercussions that can happen from improper licensing than than actually being licensed. Because all you had to do you have to take a business and a law test and then you have to take your actual If it’s residential we have a residential test or commercially of commercial test so a little bit of studying you know it can be done. There are a lot of licensed contractors out there and you know it’s a test that’s passable.


So one of the other myths that people talk about all the time is whether or not you need a you know an attorney or a construction attorney to draft the contracts because anybody these days can go on line they can go to you can go to a racket lawyer or you can go to.


What’s the big one that Shapiro did. I’m drawing a blank here. But any of those four Web sites and they’re great. I mean you know for for very basic information or for general you know starting documents they can provide you know a lot more security and they can provide a lot more I guess recourse than having no contractor just something that you know your brother in law drafted up.


But at the end of the day there’s a lot of things that aren’t included in there and there’s a lot of room for risk and you know potential liability that’s out there. So it’s always good to get someone else to review those documents. I had a an architect client not too long ago who started down that road whenever he first started out in business he went and kind of downloaded a document and was using that first contracts and then he stepped it up a notch and he went to he went to a friend of his who was an attorney and asked him to review the contract and then you know that person suggested some language and beefed it up a little bit more. And then and then after that you know he came to us for a third revision after a few more years in business. And we were able to beef it up some more. So he’s now triple protected I guess and an off to a good start. So anyway we are here at the bottom of the hour break. My name is Seth smiley. See you in court here on W. GSO and we’ll see you after the break.


Thank you. All righty. Welcome back everybody. My name is Seth smiley. We’re here in GSO and GSO dot com. This is.


See you in court. I am an attorney here in Louisiana and we were talking about in the first half hour different different myths that we see. I see on a day to day basis with regards to construction law and and so I believe before the break we were talking about various issues with regards to drafting contracts and things like that needed an attorney to do that and I was discussing you know we have an architect client that had had his contract you know he downloaded one in and then used various versions of that and then had other people look at it and finally brought it to us. And now you have something that you know is very you know really ironclad and is going to help him if there’s ever any payment disputes or other types of issues.


So in this in this next half hour in these next two 10 minute segments we’re going to be continuing along the path of the different myths that we see.


If anybody wants to call in and talk about any of their legal issues the number is 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6.


The text number is or the text. If you text you know your comment 2 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5 it will it will come through to me as well and we can get your comments potentially read on the air. So you know back to what we were talking about with regards to the different myths and so here in myth number four that we typically deal with and is basically folks come to us and say if I deliver work to a customer who’s refused to pay I don’t have any options to collect and that’s absolutely false. There are there are a number of different ways that you can give folks to to not make them pay but you know to really put put put put the squeeze on them to encourage them to pay their you know you can send demand letters. You can you can file a lien. You can send them different types of notices and you know there’s many tools that you can use to get paid for the work that you performed on a construction project. The secret sauce or you know the little four letter word which is a fantastic device and if used properly really really helps people get paid. And you know in the percentage of people getting paid using a lean versus not using one is much higher. And so the lean is a four letter word. I was talking about and you know the term mechanics lean and that goes back to you know it goes back as far as when our nation was founded Lean’s don’t come over there not a common law thing.


They they I mean excuse me. They’re not common law or Napoleonic they actually were started here in the United States whenever we were trying to encourage a free market system. We were trying Thomas Jefferson actually helped pass legislation and then the various states have passed their own versions of it all over. But just basically a way where if someone wasn’t paid for their work on a project they could actually while something preserved rights and then actually sell that property out from under the owner who has refused to pay. And that’s very very very very simple version of how things work. But they’re very powerful. And you know they can people use them. You know anything that powerful people use it for good and people use it for bad. We see it a lot where people and contractors are you know whatever they will file frivolous leans and so we we we use actions to get those frivolous Selene’s removed. There’s a letter that needs to be sent and you wait 10 days and you can follow what’s called a mandamus and had the lien. You have a judge cancel the lien and then free up the property. Those are those are those are highly complex and highly technical and you know proceedings that need to need to happen. And we represent a lot of homeowners who want lien off their property. The problem is you know it’s expensive to do that and there is an attorney’s fees provision in the lien law. One of the very few ones they have.


Whereas if you get the lien removed and you’ve sent out that letter previous to that you’re entitled to your attorney fee attorney’s fees and cost the problem is that you know unscrupulous contractor who filed that frivolous lien typically doesn’t have very much money. And so we do great. We get the lien removed everyone’s happy. Then we go after the contractor for the attorney’s fees and that’s where things tend to get a little bit nastier. One advantage that you can do though you can file that judgment that you get with the contractor’s board who we’re talking about a little bit earlier and they will actually incur they will actually bring the guy before a hearing see why he hasn’t paid the judgment. And then if he still doesn’t pay the judgment eventually they will remove his license. And so they will take away his ability to work legally which you would think would have a much stronger effect than it does a lot of these guys just fly under the radar. And you know there were unscrupulous to begin with and so they just kind of keep living in that same manner. So you know if I don’t know I don’t know if I did this after the after the break but if folks want to call in the number is 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6. You can talk directly to me with regards to you know any legal questions that you have or you can text in with the 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5.


So myth number five. OK so this is this is kind of an interesting one we touched on a little bit earlier.


And the myth is construction liability insurance questionmark. I don’t think I need it which is absolutely false. Anybody who’s ever been on any construction project should know that that every. Every entity out there needs to be covered by General liability insurance. It’s it’s fairly cheap but it is a lifesaver in construction.


You know there are so many different literally there are different moving parts different tradesmen different people out there you know electrician somebody gets electrocuted plumber or somebody you know they flood the place various other tradesmen. You know I’ve heard of fires on and on construction projects. I’ve heard you know anything that can go wrong will go wrong at some point during the career of a contractor. And so having that insurance in place makes makes all the difference in the world. It really really does. It allows you to be defended. It allows her pocket to pay out. If you screwed up and it you know it’s one of those things where and then and then you know another I guess myth or another issue is people don’t like to tender claims to their insurance because they think that their premiums will go up. Well if the other side puts your insurance on notice it doesn’t matter. You want to tender it or not. I mean the claim has been made and your insurance will go up. The problem is if it goes up you know a couple of hundred dollars a month or whatever it does that’s going to pale in comparison to the tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars that the insurance will either pay out on your behalf or pay attorneys to defend you. It’s it’s it’s truly worth its weight in gold to have you know proper insurance. I see it all the time that folks don’t get and get properly insured. It just in. I’ve seen it put companies out of business.


It’s it’s really nasty and I can end up being really bad. But you know it’s just one of those it’s one of those things where and you know that’s an ounce of prevention that’s a pound of cure. And so you know I can’t stress it enough. That’s one of the first things I tell people when they’re starting up new businesses that they need to go out and they need to get properly insured so that they don’t have issues with you know with different you know they need to start an LLC or corporation they need to get proper insurance and they need to get their licensing. Those are the three number ones for you know one a one be one see for contractors whenever they’re starting off.


It’s a it’s a big deal. So you know the next myth that’s out there is that you know folks say oh I stand by my work I don’t need a substantial completion certificate. And this is kind of switching gears a little bit but you know at the beginning of a job if it’s over 25000 a contractor is required to file what’s called a notice of a contract. And then at the end of a job they have to file what’s called a notice of substandard completion. And that’s kind of like the Balkans of a project. It happens on bigger jobs not so much on smaller jobs but it has huge implications with regards to long periods. And so whether or not lean periods start when they start and so getting a certificate of substantial completion of the certificate of substantial completion is not only good you know professional practice but it it allows for you know the owner to get their job and know when their job is done. Even though there’s punch list items that will happen you know after it but it paves the way for many many other things that that can be beneficial to finalizing and completing the job. And so I’ve seen you know people try to file liens and they did it you know 30 or 60 days whatever the rule is on that particular type of project.


You know just a few days after it and then we go look at this certificate of substantial completion and they’re out of their lean period and it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be paid but it means that they may lose some options on who they can who they can who they can sue to get paid. And so you know depending on which side of the fence you’re on it’s all. It’s always good to have that certificate. It’s a big deal. Another myth.


OK we’re we’re wrapping up this third segment here in the 4 5 to 6 o’clock hour here on. See you in court. My name is Seth smiley if you want to give a call it’s 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 if you want to give a text it’s 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5. This is seen in court and we’ll be back for the last segment here just a few minutes. Thank you.


All right welcome back to this fourth and final segment. See you in court. My name is Seth smiley. During this last segment we actually have a special guest that’s going to be coming on this is a special treat for the show. Former school board member Orleans Parish School Board member and and criminal attorney here in the south Louisiana region.


His name is Seth Blum and it’s funny we have to Seth’s But you know that happens.


He’s a friend of mine friend of the show and so we’re going to get him on here in just a second and Seth can introduce himself a little bit more and then we’re going to talk about just general you know criminal law and you know the things that he he and his firm do.


And then also you know maybe how it ties into construction because there is some overlap there at times.


Seth are you. Are you on.


I’m here Seth smiley for having me on.


All right thank you for joining me on. See you in court.


So just tell me just a little bit briefly about yourself and your firm so the listeners can know and then and then we’ll start talking about you know construction and criminal law.


Yeah well thanks so much for having me on. My firm is the Bloom legal it’s legal but we primarily do criminal defense work here in the Greater New Orleans southeast Louisiana area. We do a lot of you know everything simple from traffic tickets and DWI and more sophisticated felonies and misdemeanors. We had a big business that services a lot of the tourists that come to town. So a lot of our clients come from hotels and restaurants and people that are visiting our great city.


Wow. So yes I guess you guys recently with Mardi Gras and all the different festivals and everything there are going on it’s probably pretty busy for you right now right.


Yes it is. You know people get home and they realize they’ve been arrested in New Orleans and have gotten citations or traffic tickets or DWI. Now I don’t know what to do because they’re back in you know Chicago or New York. So they give us a call and then hopefully we can resolve their problem as simply as possible without them having to travel back to New Orleans or to get a conviction. So that’s basically our goal in that kind of defense. And then you know we do more robust and complicated drug cases and other types of fraud cases and so forth and those are in state and federal court all over.


OK. Earlier in the show we were talking about some of the myths with regards to construction. And one of them you know whether or not people should hire an attorney a lot of a lot of my clients like to do things themselves or you know try to kind of wing it from the criminal side of things. I mean it’s it’s probably always in someone’s advantage to make sure that they’re getting represented by counsel is that the case.


Yeah I mean a lot of people ask me that question. I mean they say Do I really need a lawyer for this. I mean if you’re walking into court and you know a conviction on your criminal conviction for a possibility or your liberty is a possibility. I would get a lawyer every time and obviously I’m in the business so I’m biased but I wouldn’t even you know I wouldn’t pay a traffic ticket because that goes on your record as well. I have a lawyer go in there and try to you know did you found not guilty. Well the way I see it not so I guess since this is a construction show I guess you know with all the flood didn’t even factor in the Katrina days BP and natural disasters.


I guess one way that our practices do overlap a little bit is sometimes when these civil matters in the contract in the contractor cases get so rough them that they can turn in a criminal matter. So we’ve we’ve had a lot of contractor fraud case both in New Orleans and the greater area over the years.


Right. And then I definitely see that a lot in it.


It’s not often that it spills over onto the criminal side but I have had some clients in the last you know six months or so that have been arrested. And you know the first thing I do is oh no I need a good criminal lawyer to help him out. And yet in this post-Katrina world folks like Seth Blum are very valuable because you know most of the time with criminal defense you don’t see this contractor fraud or people getting arrested for performing construction and you get a firm like like Bloom legal involved. And you know they have that experience to help out contractors and you know get them back to doing what they do best which is performing construction work.


Yeah absolutely. You know it’s nice that a criminal lawyer that has a little bit of background in construction law not but I think that’s a necessity. But certainly having dealt with these types of cases before it a lot of these things that you know a lot of these cases especially when it’s an absolute natural disaster are these homeowners or they have a lot of pressure on them they got pressure from their mortgage banks they got pressure from the insurance company and they got pressure from the contractors sometimes when they’re squeezed like that. It’s real simple to take it out on one of those three and often it’s the contractor.


Sure absolutely. And you know typically the bad guys not always the contractor a lot of times it’s the insurance company and again in that post-Katrina world and I Seth you know your firms have worked together in the past on some of these personal injury for houses is what I call it so you know basically trying to collect money for on their on their damaged homes. Not so much necessarily with the floods but you know with tornadoes and storms that we have you know it’s it’s it’s very good to get people who are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and fighting those guys to give people the relief that they need. So you know what other types of work does your Does your firm do Seth. We have just a couple more minutes here if you want to you know if you want to get out any more information on what you guys do and the people you service here in the city you know for existing clients will take on a business case every once in a while to do some injury work.


But for the most part we really try to focus on criminal defense state and federal and really help people out that find themselves in trouble. I know people say oh you know I don’t want to get a crippled defense lawyer. That must be a rough job but you know typically a lot of my practice is you know I used to say it’s good people that make mistakes so it’s not always armed robbery but people that are going to things in their life divorces marriages and all sorts of you know changes in stages in their life and sometimes you know they act out whether it’s a DWI or shoplifting.


So we try to help these people out get them back on their feet clear their record if possible. You know let them let them live and move on.


Right. Do you guys do we’ll deal with traffic tickets as well.


Yeah we do. Traffic tickets traffic tickets you know and it’s an easy thing for us to handle and it’s often you know a lot of people a lot of people get traffic tickets and get busted with you know drug rehab more serious criminal problems. It’s a good way for us to reach out to the community help people. People don’t know that you know when you go in and you pay that two three four or five hundred dollar traffic ticket. That’s an admission of guilt. Right. So when you have a lawyer in there we can at least you know try to set up for trial try to pressure the city or the state into getting a conviction and they have to produce witnesses and you know the burden of proof is on them. So right off and it’s an easy and tactical to get them dropped down the nonmoving violations so they don’t analyze your insurance.


Right. I got to got a speeding ticket in Florida just recently in the very first thing I did was looked up in one of those billboards when I was driving back in and called one of those folks one of those attorneys to help me out and get that ticket. You know I guess adjudicated properly and it worked out great because it ended up not going on my record. I’d pay a few dollars but I would have had to pay that anyway so services like you guys offer with the tickets and with the criminal defense are extremely valuable especially with all the tours that we have here. I mean you come in from out of town and you’re hanging out in the corridor and you never know what’s going to happen. And you know you reach out to a firm like yours to really you know kind of kind of make that mistake what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans kind of thing and hopefully make that you know minimal impact as possible.


Absolutely yeah we’ll be happy to help any one of those questions out there about criminal law or if it bleeds over to your practice which constructs the law. We’d be happy to answer any questions. I really appreciate you having us on. Thanks so much.


No absolutely. Thank you for calling in. I really appreciate it. We’re going to wrap up with just the last few minutes here on see you in court. Thank you to Seth bloom and thank you to bloom legal team over there fantastic I’ve worked with them for the last decade or more with regard to the law. So thank you Seth. And we’ll have you again on soon and hopefully we can get some callers in the next couple of weeks and then we can get some good questions for you no criminal attorney you know like Seth Blum and that kind of caliber he’s a man about town. He you know he’s a former school board member and who knows what’s next on the horizon for you know somebody of that caliber. So you know back to back to the topics we have here on see in court we have just a few minutes left here if anybody else wants to give a call in.


It’s 5 0 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 we had a special treat on Seth bloom. Bloom legal and in so we’re going to wrap up here with just a few final thoughts. We didn’t quite get through everything on the nine months of the construction law. If anybody wants that special report I’m happy to send that to them. Well you know if you want to call in the show we can get your information and we can mail it to you free of charge or if you want a text in the text line.


You can do that at 5 0 4 5 7 9 8 9 8 5.


And then also you know if you want to call 5 4 5 5 6 9 6 9 6 so that that’s the end of the show for this week five of five to six o’clock here on Wednesdays.


This is Seth Smiley the show is in court and we’ll be here on W.G. So 9:00 9:30 a.m. and WGL so dotcom next week. Thank you so much

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