Legal Technology is at the heart of Smiley Law Firm’s daily activities. As a legal technology based law firm, Smiley Law Firm enjoys many advantages with regard to productivity levels, communication with clients and accessibility of staff members and attorneys.

We use legal technology to work more efficiently and accurately.” – Seth Smiley, Owner.

For example, the firm’s file database provides all staff members with the option to work remotely from home or on the road. This truly embodies the firm’s priority to always be there for clients. Each staff member can navigate with ease around the database, allowing the firm to stay up to date on case information and individual files.

The best part is that the files and client data are completely secure and HIPAA compliant, with the use of software such as Dropbox Business.

Attorney and owner of Smiley Law Firm, Seth Smiley believes that the firm’s focus on technology puts them in a unique position in the legal profession. Smiley states,

Being at the forefront of legal technology in the work place contributes to our company’s organizational skills and high levels of productivity. Smiley Law Firm has only used Apple products for nearly 10 years. We can bill time and access client date remotely and from our smart phones. This is a huge advantage for our clients saving them thousands in time and money.

Smiley Law Firm has been a paperless firm law firm for years. We scan everything and return originals to the client when needed. With the ability to fax through an internet connection, and the use of a cloud file server and case management, such as Clio, Smiley Law Firm is not only saving our client’s money on supplies used to further their cases, but we are helping the environment. Having a cloud server to access important documents and share internal information keeps the attorneys, staff, and clients organized and informed.

Each employee is encouraged to publish information and encourage clients to use the firm’s software to stay up to date on cases. Smiley Law Firm’s website, features up to the minute blogs about our firm’s daily activities, news that is relevant to the construction, business, and legal industries as well as new and trending topics regarding injury law.

From time to time we also publish general information about the firm. Research and writing are fundamental skills for a professional in the legal field. Smiley Law Firm utilizes online resources to fine tune those skills and to open up the lines of communication between our clients and colleagues.

As technology continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate, so will Smiley Law Firm. The firm’s dedication to remain at the forefront of technological advancements puts the firm in a position to provide the best legal service possible. We are constantly looking to add value for our clients while focusing on finding solutions to legal issues.

Please contact us today to set up your consultation, you will be glad you did!

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