We’re happy to announce the integration of Freshbooks.com into our billing process, providing a seamless and transparant way for clients to receive and view their legal bills.

How Do You Access It?

If you’re a client, you should have received an invitation email from billing@wolfelaw.com. Click on the link through that email and set up your username and password, and from there, you’ll see your open and paid invoices. It’s really that easy.

The login page for our new online billing center can be accessed here: https://wolfelawgroup.freshbooks.com/

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is an industry leading Web 2.0 App for online invoicing. Instead of sending our clients paper invoices, with pages and pages of timesheets, we’re now able to send those invoices and timesheets via email.

Not only is the invoice instantly accessible to the client, but the online billing center keeps a historical record of the invoices. Clients can view open and paid invoices, and can run different reports to see how much they’ve spent on any given legal matter.

For those clients who rather receive paper invoices, the Freshbooks system sends the invoice via ordinary mail.

Why We Did It & What It Means to Our Clients

If there is one thing businesses loathe about attorneys (and rightfully so), it’s the money spent with the law firm. In large part, business dislike a few things:

– Law firms sell a service, and its difficult to see what is being purchased;

– Law firms have inconsistent billing practices, where invoices are delivered only periodically, and sometimes request huge payments

– Businesses have difficulty predicting and budgeting the costs of a legal matter.

Our new online billing center advances our efforts to combat these issues. Each invoice explains the work performed during the invoicing period in detail, and with 24/7 access to client billing histories, the cost of the legal matter are made transparent.

To help businesses budget and predict the costs of litigation (in addition to Alternative Billing Methods), we send invoices out once every three weeks. It’s like clock-work, and it ensures that you know exactly what is happening on your case and how much it is costing.

Want To Use Freshbooks For Your Own Business – Go Through Us

Freshbooks is an affordable and useful web 2.0 tool for businesses. Not only does it help us bill more efficiently, but it could help many of our clients and readers who send invoices as part of their business.

So, if you do go to the Freshbooks homepage, and like what you see – please mention Smiley Law Group when you sign up.

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