images2Starting a small business is incredibly rewarding, but at the same time equally as challenging. Founding member, Scott Smiley Jr. embraced the challenge over three years ago during a time when New Orleans was in need of hard working, focused individuals.

“I opened the doors of Smiley Law Group almost immediately after the storm, when New Orleans was entrenched with insecurities about the city’s well being and the future of individual residents.” States Smiley. Today, Smiley Law Group, like the fine city of New Orleans is thriving.

As a boutique firm, going on its fourth year of active business, Smiley Law Group credits the success and growth to clients who over the past few years have inspired employees and trusted in Smiley Law Group’s services. “It is apparent from the first day that I began working here that Smiley Law Group’s clients are they key to the company’s success.” States Seth Smiley, Smiley Law Group’s law clerk who has been with the firm for almost three years and plans to continue his career with the company as an attorney starting this summer.

Many clients have been with Smiley Law Group from the start of the company in 2005. Being the base of Smiley Law Group’s growth, a bond is created between the employees at Smiley Law Group and clients, both old and new. A top priority of the employees at Smiley Law Group is familiarity with clients and legal procedure as well as overall accessibility. Clients have a vested interest in the well being of the company and Smiley Law Group always takes the necessary steps to keep clients updated and involved in their cases.

If you are a client that wants to show Smiley Law Group how much you love them, please email to request a Client Satisfaction Survey. If you choose to remain anonymous, please print and mail the filled out survey to: 3232 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98134. For those clients who would prefer to see their names or the names of their companies on Smiley Law Group’s fansite, then you can either mail the survey to the address above or email the form to don’t forget to identify yourself!

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